Top Chef: Colorado finale preview: The final two get a surprise

Top Chef: Colorado finaleThe Top Chef: Colorado finale is coming on Bravo Thursday night, and by the end of the episode either Joe Flamm or Adrienne Cheatham is going to find out that their life has changed dramatically. Not only will they win the title and the money, but their careers are probably going to be open to so many more opportunities. Think in terms of all of the investors who are probably going to want to work with someone who came on Top Chef and won.

You get a small sense of just how lofty some of the goals are for these final two in the sneak peek below; Adrienne specifically discusses how she wants to have a Michelin star restaurant that is themed around Southern cuisine, something that there aren’t a whole lot of in the world. That’s a big goal that does require big funds, and that’s what Tom Colicchio reminds her of in the sneak peek. What’s also just fun about this in general is that after spending the majority of the competition having to cook for other people, both Joe and Adrienne now have a chance to be treated to dinner themselves courtesy of Tom and Graham Elliot, who turn up where they are staying in order to prepare for them a fantastic meal of their own. We know that the judges do more than just judge during the filming period of the show, but we do wonder if they ever have that craving to swap roles and get into the cooking with some of the chefs.

So who out of these two chefs remaining is the favorite? That’s such an interesting thing to debate given that both Adrienne and Joe each are bringing a whole lot of different things to the table. Adrienne has the best overall trajectory this season, given how in the first few weeks she felt like the contestant who tends to go home in seventh place and is forgotten about after the fact; yet, she just kept getting better and better along the way and now has a serious shot of winning that. Her growth journey suggests that she could win this title. However, with Joe you have someone who already knows what it feels like to lose, having been eliminated in a Sudden Death Quickfire immediately after winning Restaurant Wars. He’s felt that sting and he may be using that in order to drive him forward.

This is one of those few seasons where we really can’t call it — both chefs are likable, and both chefs are very good at what they do. Our predictions have already been off-base. Originally we thought Chris was going to win; then, it was Mustache Joe. If we make a prediction now we may just jinx them.

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