NCIS: Los Angeles season 9 bringing you big Densi episode — but when?

Densi episodeMrs. Carter: If you’ve been eagerly awaiting a big Densi episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, the good news we have now is that one seems to be officially coming … at least in due time.

In a new post on Twitter, show producer Rick Tunell confirmed that episode 19 of this season (at least in terms of production — it won’t necessarily be the 19th one to air, especially since this season aired a couple of holdovers from season 8) is going to contain not only a lot of Densi, but also some “returning favorites.” There’s of course a part of us that wants to interpret this as a sign the wedding is nigh, but it is probably a little too early to jump to that sort of assumption. For now, the biggest thing to just do is rejoice in the fact that if you love the Deeks and Kensi characters, you’re going to see a lot more of them.

The relationship between Densi is one of the foundations of the show at this point and fans have been incredibly patient when it comes to waiting and seeing whatever is going to be coming up for the two of them. They got engaged at the end of last season and they’ve planned part of the wedding here and there; the issue with this show that keeps said planning from being too frequent is the simple fact that there is so much stuff going on almost constantly. The rescue mission with Hetty is understandably taking up a good bit of time, and beyond that there is also the typical cases of the week and drama that goes on with some of them.

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By the end of this episode, hopefully we’ll get a chance to set more of a course as to where the future is actually going for Densi this season. We’ve made it pretty darn clear at this point that we expect the two of them to be married — it’s really a question as to when more so than if. Can you imagine the protests if something were to happen to the two of them at this point? The only reason we wouldn’t be shocked if something was held for season 10 is that it seems almost a sure thing that NCIS: Los Angeles will be renewed if the ratings stay the same — with that said, we’d obviously prefer it to happen during season 9.

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