Blue Bloods season 8 episode 15 review: Did Danny leave the NYPD?

Blue Bloods season 8

At the start of Blue Bloods season 8 episode 15, Danny Reagan realized that he was facing some pretty significant decision when it comes to his career. He loves what he does for a living, but at the same time he is a single parent. Money is starting to run dry and he has to find a way to make more money.

With that in mind, Danny found himself taking a meeting for a personal security gig, one that is prominent and will earn him a significantly higher salary. He would miss the action, but he would also be able to provide for the boys in a way that he was struggling to with Linda no longer around. That is pretty darn important at this point to him.

So what was Danny’s decision? He was seemingly ready to take it but the moment he talked to his kids, the moment he realized that they were not anywhere near as interested in him taking the job. They wanted him back doing what he loved.

Basically, we don’t see anything changing anytime soon for Danny when it comes to his career.

What happened to Nicky?

We want to give the Blue Bloods writers credit here for a couple of different reasons. First of all, touching on workplace harassment is something that is very important in the world today; beyond that, the writers really did a good job in taking this on. They didn’t also exaggerate out of control.

We can see precisely this sort of situation unfolding in some workplaces with extremely powerful men taking advantage of women working under them. After trying to go relatively incognito with her last name Boyle on the job, her boss tried to make a series of moves on her leading up to him trying to coax her into his apartment. When that didn’t happen, he tried to bring convince himself to go to hers. Then, he forcibly kissed her in his office.

Probably the best moment of the episode, and possibly one of the best of the entire season, was seeing a few of Nicky’s co-workers getting up and leaving the office when she also did the same. To go along with that, Nicky may get some justice for what happened with the help of her mother.

Frank’s latest problem

This time around, the Commissioner struggled with the fact that an illegal immigrant found himself unfairly questioned and handled by a rookie cop who made a mistake. Should he be punished when he didn’t try to do anything wrong?

Frank struggled to figure out the right way in which to resolve this case without this being a public-relations nightmare. What he ultimately decided to do was bring the cop with him to jail so that she could speak to the man she brought in. She showed a degree of sympathy for the man and, by the end of the episode, understood better that sometimes, a little bit of nuance is good.

This was not an easy decision for Frank to make but, in the end, he determined that the best thing to do was to terminate the officer. In doing so, he protects the police’s image. He may not have loved the idea of losing a cop, but this was something that he clearly could not walk back from.

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