Will another The Big Bang Theory baby happen anytime soon?

The Big Bang Theory season 11Mrs. Carter: Is there another baby storyline in the works for The Big Bang Theory?

It makes a certain degree of sense to ask that question, mostly because we are in the 11th season of the show and at the same time, we have Leonard and Penny who have been married for a little while now. Typically, the sitcom projection is that there will be a wedding and then babies within a year or two after that. That is somewhat similar to what we had was Howard and Bernadette, and with that it makes sense that Leonard and Penny could be next.

Yet, could this be a show that breaks that mold a little bit? It seems to be the case, mostly because the writers behind the scenes don’t seem altogether interested to do another baby story in the near future. They have a pretty logical reason for that, as well. Speaking in a new interview with TVLine, executive producer Steve Holland noted that putting another baby on the show at the moment may just be too much overkill:

“It’s too early to talk about what happens next season, but we’ve now done two seasons of pregnancy stories and, for me, that’s probably enough.”

When it comes to relationships on The Big Bang Theory at the moment, the main priority simply seems to be finding a way to bring some pairings to the next level. Take, for example, Amy and Sheldon getting married potentially as early as the end of the season. That’s going to be the principal story for the immediate future, and we presume that after the wedding there will also be more story to tell when it comes to their early days as husband and wife. There is also the question as to whether or not Raj is ultimately going to find somebody. This is another character who really needs some sort of romantic stability (or more of a story of his own), but unfortunately he hasn’t been able to find that just yet. He certainly wants it, but dating isn’t always easy and some people require more time than others. He couldn’t even talk to women at the start of the series, so it makes sense that he would still be building towards something right now.

Given that The Big Bang Theory may not last beyond season 12, it’s certainly possible that we will not have a baby story line for the rest of the series’ run. That could change of course depending on what the writers decide to do next year, but for now it seems they’re moving in the other direction. Personally, we wouldn’t be surprised if the series finale include some sort of reveal that Leonard and Penny are having a baby, and that is just a story line that plays out for them off camera when the series is over.

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