Chicago Fire season 6 episode 12 review: Is Severide in love with Stella?

Chicago Fire season 6 episode 12Chicago Fire season 6 episode 12 was everything that we could’ve hoped for given that it was the first episode in a while. It was certainly funny at times, but also dramatic in ways that we did not expect.

Take, for example, the story of the photographer. We assumed that this was just someone interested in chronicling Casey and Severide after their heroic jump from the building. Instead, he was a dirtbag who tried to take photos of Dawson when she was in the shower. Casey did everything that he needed to in order to ensure that he got removed from future assignments, but later on during the episode it was Matt who had to save him after he was struck by a car.

Consider this yet another reminder as to Matt’s humanity coupled with his heart. He will do whatever he can in order to help Dawson; yet, at the same time he will help someone who he doesn’t even like.

While Casey and Dawson’s marriage remains stronger than ever, it looks as though some other relationships are making some movement. Take, for example, Stella and Zach. She decided during this episode that she still wanted to move out, and to go along with that Zach wanted to push their relationship to the next episode. He wants her to meet his sister!

Meanwhile, Kelly was seemingly struggling with that, really to the point of him making a rare visit to Dawson and Casey’s unannounced in order to chill with them. Our feeling? This was a way in which for him to relax his mind — though it may have also reminded him how much he wants to be in a relationship at this point.

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Elsewhere, is Otis’ new girlfriend Lily going to leave Chicago? She has an opportunity to do that and we’re already worried about it! We just learned tonight that they are the whiffleball king and queen so it just seems a little too soon…

Herrmann as life coach

On paper, it made sense that he would want to give this a try given that he is so good at giving out advice. However, at the same time he practically got himself roped into some sort of pyramid scheme before he knew it. Let’s just say that this is not going to be the sort of gig that he actually sticks with in the months to come.

CarterMatt Verdict

Chicago Fire season 6 episode 12 was another steady episode with a lot going on. The only drawback? Not a lot of Joe Cruz this week, which is a shame given that his relationship with Brett is one of our favorite stories at the moment.

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