Scandal season 7 episode 12 review: The crossover begins

Did Scandal season 7 episode 12 live up to its billing? You had the crossover with How to Get Away with Murder, and there was a lot of fun that came along with that.

For starters, we would say that this was probably the most meta that we’ve seen the series just yet. After all, this installment gave us a really good opportunity to see popcorn, wine, and Olivia / Annalise hanging out much like we’ve seen in some of those #TGIT promos that have aired on ABC over time. There were also some great moments in here with Fitz, some reminders of the series’ early days, and above all else, opportunities to start to root for Olivia Pope again.

But, was this episode really needed? The biggest thing that we can say about this installment right now is pretty simple: This episode is really the one that, more than any other, allowed us an opportunity to really turn off the brain and focus in on just having a good time. It wasn’t huge or earth-shattering; in the end, that is okay. Olivia and Annalise proved to be an effective team taking on the legal system.  Annalise even referred to Olivia as a miracle worker!

One of the bigger Scandal-centric developments within the episode was seeing Abby and David cement their status as a couple again, and that was enough to leave us reasonably hopeful that they can have a good future together at the end of the series. We do also have the continuance of a cold war between Olivia and Mellie on some level that will play out over the course of the final episodes, though our advice for Liv is to work things behind the scenes. She’s really better pulling the strings backstage than being the obvious puppeteer dangling them in front of everyone.

Ultimately, it feels almost strange to even review what is effectively an incomplete episode of the show, but it’s as we said — we didn’t need this crossover, and many people who only watch Scandal may not have wanted the focus changed. Nonetheless, this was great TGIT fan service as its finest. For one episode it was enjoyable. more than that and we aren’t quite sure we would be on board.

What did you think about Scandal season 7 episode 12 overall, and did the crossover live up to some of its billing? Share right now in the comments!

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