Gotham season 4 episode 12 review: Ivy’s rebirth … and the Riddler’s return

Gotham season 4 episode 12Gotham season 4 episode 12 achieved overall quite a number of different things, beginning of course with bringing more of a focus onto the Narrows. This troubled neighborhood is where Alfred Pennyworth is at the moment calling his home — and also where he ended up getting arrested after being falsely accused of murder.

Alfred learned the way of the Narrows pretty quickly within this episode — namely, that people find a way to target you almost immediately in the event that they suspect you are altering their way of life.

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Speaking of surprises in the Narrows, isn’t it still surprising to see Lee Thompkins leading the Narrows now? She’s the hero that this neighborhood needs, and we do think that she actually does want to do right by some of these people — as for how she makes that happen, though, we could see her bringing out her ruthless side.

For now, though, the biggest surprise with Lee was seeing her and Gordon seeing each other for the first time since she returned to the city. There is an assassin out for her and he wanted to do what he could in order to help. Yet, she wasn’t all that interested in taking said help from him and we get it. She doesn’t need it.

As for some of the villains…

We’ll admit that some of the attacks in the Narrows didn’t quite hold a candle to Poison Ivy, which was unfortunate since Ivy only had screen time for a small percentage of the episode. Jim’s investigation alongside Lucius mostly entertained in how it eventually led to a brawl scene and, following that, the surprise return of Harvey Bullock. Does anyone else want to see a new buddy-cop duo of Harvey and Alfred? They should become private investigators or something of the like until inevitably Bruce comes begging to get his butler back. (Harvey has been serving as a bartender for some time now, and after helping Alfred prove his innocence seems set to get back to work.)

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Speaking of Ivy, after Selina Kyle tracked her down you got a chance to see some of her powers in action. She nearly killed her, but eventually decided to let her live as a show that she is not entirely ruthless. As a matter of fact, she made it clear that she wants to work with Selina coming up.

The shock of the episode

As it turns out, it was Edward Nygma who signed off on assassinating Lee, but he did it as the Riddler — apparently, that part of his personality is still living within him and he hasn’t been able to escape it no matter how hard he tries.

CarterMatt Verdict

Was it somewhat disappointing that there was no Jerome after the cliffhanger tease? Sure, but we do think that the craziness elsewhere more than made up for it. This episode brought in new villains like Ivy, a cockier Bruce than ever before, and a few other surprises that we’re getting a chance to explore.

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