The Big Bang Theory season 11 episode 16 review: What is the name of Howard and Bernadette’s son?

The Big Bang TheoryBabies, babies, babies! This has been a pretty big theme on this season of The Big Bang Theory with one of the big questions being when are we going to meet Howard and Bernadette’s next baby? Seems like tonight could be the night!

Bernadette is tired of being pregnant and is ready to give birth, so when her due date comes up she’s willing to do whatever it takes to get the ball rolling. She doesn’t want a repeat of Halley who was two weeks late, but unfortunately the doctor thinks that this baby might be late too. She’s tried everything she can to induce labor like having sex with Howard and doing yoga with Penny. She’s so desperate that she’s willing to let Raj perform acupuncture on her feet.

Another pressing problem is that they still don’t have a name for their son, but Howard knows that Bernadette has thrown Michael out there (after her father) and he’s not down for that. When she finally goes into labor they are still no closer to picking a name then they were at the start of this episode, but there was a cute fight between Leonard and Amy over the rights to use Elliott.

So what did they name their son? Neil Michael Wolowitz. Neil after Neil Gaiman the author and Neil Armstrong the astronaut, but Bernadette is set on calling him Michael anyways.

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CarterMatt verdict

We know that there are some fans out there that haven’t liked the last few seasons of the show involving the family aspect of the guys lives (their babies and their women), so if you are one of these fans then this probably wasn’t the episode for you. For us on the other hand, we’ve enjoyed watching the guys grow throughout the years and become the men they are. They are still nerdy and funny, but they have also matured in ways we didn’t expect. Who would’ve thought when we first met Howard that he would end up married with two kids?

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