The Flash season 4 photos: More of Speedster Iris West!

Iris WestAre you ready to see some new photos of Iris West hitting the streets on The Flash in her brand new costume? If so, you have come to the right place!

If you look below, CarterMatt has some of the first look photos from the upcoming episode entitled “Run, Iris, Run,” which is airing on The CW a little later this month. For those of you wanting a bit more on the story, it goes something like this: Barry and Iris and counter a particularly unusual metahuman, and this person has the ability to defectively transfer a part of one person into another. As a result of this, Barry’s powers end up being transferred accidentally to Iris, and she has to figure out from there the right way in which to save the city. Meanwhile, Barry is going to be stepping into her role as team leader at STAR labs for a change. That is going to prove to be an interesting experience in its own right. Barry may have some leadership skills, but we don’t think that he is altogether prepared to relinquish control when it comes to fighting crime out in the street.

For Iris, much of the story is just going to be about her finding a way to channel her natural instincts while also having powers at the same time. It may be a new experience for her, but out of anyone to suddenly develop super speed, who better than somebody who is married to the most famous Speedster in the entire Multiverse at the moment?  Barry will be able to help her and effectively save the day by the end of this episode. We don’t think that The CW is necessarily out to blindside anyone with how this story is going to end. The main point of emphasis at the moment is just fun. There’s no clear sighting of The Thinker at this point, either!

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One thing that should be worth noting here is that this episode is going to be the one to feature an appearance from Glee alum Max Adler. What is exciting about that is  that this will effectively be a reunion between him and Grant Gustin, who played Sebastian on the Fox series for an arc.

Excited for this episode? How do you think that Iris is going to fair in her new super powered role? Be sure to share in the comments below.

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Max Adler

Grant Gustin

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