Survivor: Ghost Island episode 2 highlights: Fake idols galore!

Jacob Derwin

Survivor: Ghost Island episode 2 picked up almost immediately where episode 1 left off, and that included giving us a prime opportunity to check out the aftermath of what happened with Jacob at the Malolo camp. He got a Legacy Advantage in episode 1 and gifted that to Morgan.

With that, he also made a move that we could be talking about shortly within this highlights piece…

Best Move of the Week – Stephanie (the remaining one in the game after Gonzalez left) realizing that Jacob on Malolo is someone who could be worked with. She managed to get from him the truth about his “immunity idol” and used that to build numbers. While he may have a tendency to lie to others and be antisocial, she realized that he would do almost anything she wanted. She could’ve easily ratted him out but that wouldn’t have served her game.

Worst Move of the Week – Jacob, who decidedly inexplicably to lie about Ghost Island and say that he got an immunity idol. This was terrible on three different levels. First, there was no reason to lie in this situation since he didn’t actually get an advantage. Also, he didn’t have an immunity idol note and with that, he couldn’t prove that his fake immunity idol was real. Finally, whoever comes to Ghost Island next will realize that his random idol doesn’t fit the theme of the season.

The runner-up is James, who completely blew it at the immunity challenge. Still, this isn’t the era where losing immunity challenges means you go home.

Funniest Moment of the Week – Domenick saying “hold my beer” to Jacob while he also made a fake idol, mostly to show Chris on Tavili that he could be trusted … when he actually had a real idol he was keeping secret. Domenick is trying to punk Chris, who in turn wasn’t buying it. He’s acting like he has a real idol, which he does, and wants to blindside him as a result.

Standout Player – Donathan, if for no other reason than that production really milked his performance in the immunity challenge like it was the most amazing achievement in human history. Don’t get us wrong — it was great that he had a chance to achieve something that he didn’t think he could do. Still, it was interesting for it to get this sort of focus given that it actually had zero bearing on the rest of the season.

Even before Ghost Island Donathan had a great story. That got any better when we saw him out there alone, realizing just what he was capable of in the game. (He didn’t actually find anything at Ghost Island.)

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Elimination – Jacob Derwin. Jacob just flew a little too close to the sun. While it would’ve been a lot of fun to see him stick around just from an entertainment standpoint, he shot himself in the foot by going way too hard too early in the game. Basically, he was this season’s Tony Vlachos from Game Changers — Stephanie handled him correctly and we’re sure she thought about sticking with him, but it didn’t quite matter in the end.

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