Survivor: Ghost Island episode 1 highlights: Shoes vs. oceans

Survivor: Ghost Island cast

Survivor: Ghost Island episode 1 started off with a bang as the various cast members had to fight their way towards getting supplies. Was starting off with a challenge a nice way to mix things up? Absolutely, especially after so many years of the show really doing things the same sort of way.

We’re doing our reviews a little bit different this season — rather than just giving you yet another straightforward Survivor recap we’re actually going to look at a series of notable highlights / lowlights that are silly, funny, or notable in some way. Given that we’ve got a TON of super-fans out there we figure that there’ll be a lot of interesting things to discuss.

What we have to remind ourselves of often here is this — Malolo is Orange. Meanwhile, Naviti is purple. Hard to remember, really.

Best Move of the Week – Donathan, the gay man from Kentucky who was probably out of his element more so than anyone else this whole season, fighting hard on Malolo to save his own hide while throwing Gonzalez under the bus. This was pretty binary — if he didn’t do this, he goes home. This is why the little conversations and moments that matter.

Worst Move of the Week – Domenick, after the very first challenge, deciding that he would proclaim that model Chris didn’t use the right strategy. Why make that public right away? Congratulations, Domenick — everyone now knows that you speak your mind. You also made an instant enemy on the tribe.

Funniest Moment of the Week – Jacob losing his shoes in the ocean. In Survivor: Pearl Islands Rupert stole shoes in the premiere. In this premiere, the ocean stole shoes.

Standout Player – By far, it’s Jacob. In between looking like a younger Bob Ross and basically goading the Naviti tribe to send him to Ghost Island after the immunity challenge, he’s instantly memorable. He may also be somewhat terrible at boasting. Who says that they’re on one of the best tribes ever right after they lose?

Jacob went over to Ghost Island after Malolo lost the immunity challenge; with that, he uncovered the legacy advantage from Game Changers! He’s sending it along to Morgan in hopes that it will help her. In some ways, Jacob is a good runner-up for making the Best Move of the Week given the fact that he was an easy target to be voted out.

Elimination – Stephanie Gonzalez. Her most iconic Survivor moment may be her actually getting around and taking a tour of the entire Tribal Council to whisper various things when she started to get a little bit nervous. This was COLD BLOODED. Everyone straight up lied to her seconds before she was voted out of the game. Definitely one of the hardest ways to go. Also, pretty amazing words (or word) while leaving Tribal Council: “Sad.”

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