The Blacklist season 5 episode 14 sneak peek: Meet Dr. Fulton

The Blacklist logo any seasonAre you ready for The Blacklist season 5 episode 14 to air on NBC Wednesday night? We absolutely know that we are, given that it has been a pretty long wait and there is a lot of very intense stuff happening right now. Take, for example, Liz Keen doing everything that she can in order to get vengeance for what happened to Tom. She has shown a dark, murderous side, and it’s not entirely clear would not part of her personality is going to be subdued. It does make sense, though, that she would try to get her position back in the FBI at some point during the process. With the FBI comes a lot of resources. These are resources that she probably would not be able to get otherwise. She likely realizes that it is important to get that position back in order to suit her endgame.

In the sneak peek below, you can see a little bit of what Liz has to do in order to ensure that she gets that position within the FBI back. She needs to undergo a little bit of therapy, and that is what Dr. Fulton is there to do. It is her job to assess whether or not lose is actually ready for active-duty, and you get the sense in watching this sneak peek that the doctor is actually trying to baither in some capacity. She wants to see just how much she has really let go from some of the demons of her past. Finding Tom’s killer and understanding what happened to him are paramount.

The more that this Dr. Fulton character is featured, the more it is probably going to become obvious to Liz that this person is no pushover at all. She is smart, savvy, and this is far from her first rodeo dealing with someone balancing ulterior motives. There’s a good chance that she is going to call her out for various things during therapy process, and it’s also possible that this process is going to take so much longer than Liz originally thought.

What do you think about this new The Blacklist sneak peek? Share right now in the attached comments. We will of course have more in the way of an episode review the moment after this episode wraps up.

(Photo: NBC)

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