Bull season 2 episode 15 review: Is Hazel Diaz insane?

Hazel DiazBull season 2 episode 15 gave us a story that was largely about a single case — but also a strong performance by Roma Maffia. The Pretty Little Liars actress shined in this episode as Hazel Diaz, a longtime criminal who has been able to use mental illness for years in order to ensure that she gets off on various crimes.

The longer that this case progressed, the more that you can see the strain that this was happening on Dr. Bull. You could see him lashing out at some of his employees and also growing increasingly transfixed on trying to figure out a way in which to break through and prove his ultimate point: Hazel Diaz was a liar and he was out to prove it to everyone. It may not have been easy, but he wanted to ensure that it was so.

Yet, along the way there were some serious questions as to whether or not Dr. Bull was right — his evidence was not exactly cut-and-dry. After all, most of his testimony was just his own medical opinion as someone who understands the inner workings of the mind. This was more about figuring out the right way to analyze her supposed illness just as much as it was manipulating the jury.

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Bull did his best in order to make sure that he established a good case for the jury, but swaying the jury was about more than just him. He also had to rely on a police officer’s testimony regarding someone else taking dirty money and trying to undo a mistake.

Here’s the thing…

Right when Hazel started losing the case she had another “psychotic break” — this is what Bull jumped at. He had the opportunity to prove that she was guilty since she refused the medication. The verdict came in, she was guilty, and Dr. Bull won the case again. This one was hard-fought, but at the same time also very much deserved.

Your Cable update

The great news here is that this episode served as validation that the character is still around! She’s out there looking for another job … but we’re starting to get a sense that this is not going to be easy. Her security problems stemming from the last case, coupled with the lack of a formal recommendation from the TAC, seem to be massive roadblocks for her.

For the record, we also do think that the Cable situation was adding to Bull’s stress — mostly because of how everyone on the team was still unhappy that he fired her. They wanted her back, but Bull wasn’t altogether keen to make that happen.

CarterMatt Verdict

Maffia and Michael Weatherly killed it in this episode. Their performance made the back and forth between Hazel and Bull so memorable — they challenged each other and, at the same time, challenged us as viewers.

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