The Flash season 4 episode 14 review: Pocket dimensions; Barry’s new ‘job’

cerebral inhibitorThe Flash season 4 episode 14 returned on The CW Tuesday night after a hiatus of the past few weeks, and it brought with you a new bus meta coupled with some major complications in terms of Barry Allen’s leadership structure.

It makes sense why Barry would want to make Izzy, a new meta who could manipulate sound, into a hero as soon as possible. He saw just what DeVoe can do and with that, knew he needed to move quickly. Unfortunately, he actually moved a little bit too fast as he tried to train her — including with her magic violin, which she was given as a means to better channel her powers. Izzy left STAR Labs to take DeVoe on, which in turn meant that the showdown needed to happen a little bit faster than expected.

Unfortunately, this showdown did not go in a way that anyone expected. Despite getting the cerebral inhibitor together — Harry actually built it to help Cecile, but realized later that it could potentially suppress DeVoe’s abilities — The Flash, Izzy, and Ralph (who had taken a liking to the Fiddler) were not able to do much of anything in order to stop him. This was actually kind of depressing since A) he eliminated Becky from the universe and B) this likely means that Ralph isn’t going to have a shot with Izzy anymore. It was the closest thing to a real relationship that he’s had in quite some time.

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Yet, Barry and the team couldn’t give up here, mostly because of the simple fact that there wasn’t time for them to give up. If they did, all they would be doing is helping to ensure once and for all that DeVoe won.

What are pocket dimensions?

Basically, this could be the key to stop DeVoe once and for all. These dimensions may very well be a way in which Clifford is able to transfer from one place to another through different dimensions.

In the aftermath of DeVoe’s latest victory, it’s apparently now on to the next goal: Trying to figure out precisely how to find the next bus meta. Meanwhile, Dibny is spending his time bumming himself out, listening to Izzy’s old music as a way to feel sorry for himself. Here’s the good news, though — he has spent a little bit of time creating business cards and Barry and Ralph are now working together professionally. Barry was suspended from the CCPD but now, the two of them can be private eyes together.

CarterMatt Verdict

Somehow, Clifford DeVoe has won again and it did so in yet another super-intense episode. The only thing we don’t love about this episode is the constant need for The Flash to show flashbacks of Savitar’s prophecy as though we somehow forgot.

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