Is Wayward Pines canceled, officially, over at Fox?

Wayward Pines canceledIf you’ve been wondering for some time whether or not Wayward Pines is officially canceled, provided that you still remember the show at all, we’ve got some verification now.

Sources tell TVLine that Fox has declined against bringing the series back for a third season. This news isn’t a shock given that it has been almost two years, for starters, since the second season aired. If Wayward Pines was to be coming back this summer, filming would have needed to start up by around this point.

What made the run of Wayward Pines in general so bizarre / interesting was that it really followed the beat of its own drummer. When the first season started off, the series was originally intended to be a limited series event — with that in mind, many of the original cast members actually went off and found some other jobs elsewhere. However, the ratings turned out to be surprisingly good and because of that, Fox decided to order another season with a mix of new and old cast members. Those ratings were not as good, but Fox always left it open that they could bring the show back at some point down the road.

At this point, though, there is really no need for them to do that anymore and we have a feeling that they know this. It’s just been so long since Wayward Pines was on the air that it’s really hard to imagine a scenario in which some of those numbers turn out to be good. Fox has also shied away as of late from scripted summer programming — we do hope that it’s something they take on a little bit more in the future, but as of late they’ve focused a little bit more on unscripted fare. We’ll see if that changes coming up.

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