The Bachelor: Should Becca Kurfin’s ex Ross Jirgl be on Bachelor in Paradise?

Ross JirglHere is one of the stranger stories that has come out of The Bachelor this season: Becca Kurfin’s ex Ross Jirgl being immediately more popular than Arie Luyendyk Jr. has been. Who would’ve thought that?

Sure, the entire premise of Ross’ arrival on the series was somewhat ridiculous and over-the-top, whether we are talking about him somehow knowing where Becca was in Peru (thank the internet; also, producers) and then also the timing of said arrival. What nobody could’ve predicted was the fan reaction to 1) how attractive Ross was and 2) the romantic gesture of it all. It also probably didn’t help that most of the internet is against Arie as a Bachelor and haven’t really become invested in his story for almost all of the season.

Basically, it feels at this point that this season of The Bachelor is the season in which everyone is watching the world burn.

Let’s get crazy here for a moment: Should Ross be on Bachelor in Paradise after this? We actually think the demand is there based on internet reaction? We’re instantly invested in his story as the random ex who turned up and got rejected on another guy’s season. (We’re not going as nuts here as some people online proclaiming already that Ross should be the next star of The Bachelor itself.)

Ultimately, we understand that all of this is really unlikely given that Ross, supposedly, didn’t really want to be on-camera in the first place and felt shoehorned into a situation where he had no other choice if he wanted to see his ex. Basically, this was the sort of story that you often see on a season of UnREAL more so than The Bachelor at this point — it takes a perfect storm of crazy to make something like this happen! The producers were probably salivating the moment that they realized that they had an opportunity to pull something like this on the show.

What do you think: should we see Becca’s ex Ross on Bachelor in Paradise … seriously? Share in the comments!

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