Big Brother Canada 6 pre-game interview: Meet Derek Kesseler

Derek KesselerWelcome to our Big Brother Canada 6 pre-game interview series! We recently had a chance to speak with the houseguests leading up to the start of this new season, premiering on Global on March 7, as we’ve done years in the past. The goal this year was to find out a little bit about these players strategically, but also a little more about them as people. We want to know why they’re going to be interesting personalities to watch over the coming months and where they are coming from.

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In this article, the focus is on Derek Kesseler, a guy who has come a long way since growing up in a small town. He’s going to bring a touch of fashion to the game, while also trying to charm his way to the end. Derek is one of the 14 houseguests who will be in the game from the jump.

Take a look at the pre-game interview below.

CarterMatt – Tell me about yourself — your name, your age, and where you’re from.

Derek – My name is Derek Kesseler and I’m 27 years old. I’m living in British Columbia now, but I’m a small town boy originally from Beaumont, Alberta, which is just south of Edmonton.

What do you do for a living?

I got a couple of things. My dream is that I’m an entrepreneur — I run a small clothing business and also have my own fashion blog and Instagram that I started six months ago. I also work at a famous oyster bar in Vancouver as a server/bartender there.

What made you want to be on Big Brother Canada this season?

Really just the social experiment of it. I think it’s very cool how you can get all of these people into seclusion — no cell phones or anything like that — and throw some challenges their way. It’s about having to react to other people. Socially I’m really strong, so I think I’ll be really good at getting into the house and being able to make alliances. I’ll really be able to get far.

Are you a fan of the show?

I’m a fan of the show; I wouldn’t say I’m a super-fun, since I don’t watch super-regularly. When I was in my teens when the American comes came on I would watch it back then. With the Canadian ones I’ve watched episodes here and there but I’ve never really followed along with every single episode. I’ve always had a feeling that I’d be really good on the show.

What’s your strategy for winning this season?

Honestly going in and trying to be a little more real, trying to earn people’s trust and building real relationships. Make a lot of friends and alliances and win a lot of competitions. I don’t want to go in as some sort of super-cocky competition beast that is going to scare people into voting me off. I want to go in as this small-town likable guy and they want to bring me to the end because I’m likable and I’m trustworthy. I’m going to use my charm to win people over so I can get far in the game.

What’s the one part of your life at home you’re going to miss the most in the game?

Definitely Instagram. I’m a big Instagram wh*re. I’m on it 24/7 so I’m going to miss that social connection. Beyond that a big one is my friends, but hopefully I’m going to make some new ones in the house.

Who is your biggest idol in life and why?

It’d just be my parents in general. They’ve taken care of me and raised me and things have gone so well. My dad’s recently retired and my mom has been a nurse for 30 years. My family is so close and I really look up to both of my parents.

How are you going to keep live feed viewers at home entertained?

I’ve been thinking more about it. I grew up as a middle child and I’ve always been a little bit of a prankster. When you have some downtime in the house it’s always good to keep people laughing and keep people a little bit entertained. I definitely think I’ll be doing some pranking.

Besides the money, what are you hoping to get out of this season?

I’m really just looking for an amazing new experience. I’ve never done something like this before and it’s just something that I’ve always wanted to do. Getting on here and building new relationships, opening new doors — it’s really not about the money for me. It’s more of a test of my own self. It’s a test of my own will — going in there without a cell phone or contact with the outside world and seeing what kind of man I really am.

First Impressions

It’s a little concerning that Derek is this concerned over losing his phone — obviously this is a man out for Instagram followers thanks to the show! That doesn’t mean he will be lousy entertainment by any means. He’s probably one of those flirty guys who ends up making a bad move around the start of the jury and screws themselves out of a bad spot.

What’s your take on Derek?

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