Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams talks activism, powerful storylines on The View

Jesse WilliamsWhile Grey’s Anatomy may not be back on the air until Thursday night, you don’t have to see Jesse Williams back on TV.

On Friday Williams made an appearance on The View where he tackled a number of important subjects, including one of the recent, noteworthy storylines on the series that featured a young black boy who was shot by a white police officer. This episode showed everything from the family’s heartbreak to the sense of apathy that law enforcement had over what happened — it went far beyond just the shooter, and showed that racism, whether intentional or not, was systemic across the board. What happened within this fictional story was a personal and institutional failure and it’s something that stretches very much into the real world. The entire intent of this story was to present something powerful that originated because of real-life headlines.

We don’t imagine that this episode will be the last one of Grey’s Anatomy to touch on instances of race, empathy, and understanding; more will be coming, but it’s not the sort of thing to predict. These stories are the most effective when they catch you off-guard.

Beyond just this story…

Williams also discussed within this interview the importance of activism as a whole. He’s been involved beyond his work raising awareness for a number of different causes and this interview offers him up an opportunity to comment even more on what it’s like to see so much movement among young people and demographics who previously did not have a voice. Times are changing, and the more that these currents spread the more powerful the overall impact will be. Just look at Parkland already and the impact some of these young people have had. It’s only been ten days since that tragic shooting but since that time there have been many different movements made. More could be forthcoming down the road.

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