Blue Bloods season 8 spoilers: Victor Lugo will return

Blue Bloods season 8

For those of you out there who feel as though Victor Lugo is one of the best villains in all of Blue Bloods, you will find this news to be great: You will see the character again by the end of the season.

TVLine was the first to report on the return of Nick Cordero to the series as the character, who is rather notorious within the mob world and who you have seen on a couple of occasions already this season. He is probably the closest thing that the CBS series has to a Big Bad, though we use that term fairly loosely given that big-time recurring villains is not something that Blue Bloods makes into all that much of a priority. The last one that we remember being super-infamous before Lugo was Thomas Wilder, who put Nicky’s life in jeopardy and led to one of the most trying moments of the series when Danny decided to shoot him, thinking that he could be armed in the moment.

Even beyond the grave, Wilder still found a way to haunt Danny for a time.

We actually think that a show like Blue Bloods could use a little more in the way of recurring villains, mostly since it would offer up some opportunities to give viewers specific people to dread. Think in terms of what MacGyver is doing with Murdoc or what Hawaii Five-0 did for a while when Wo Fat was around. We know that Blue Bloods is a darker show and not anywhere near as action-oriented, but it is still something that they could think about. Good villains often bring the best out of your heroes, as well. Remember how fantastic Donnie Wahlberg was in the premiere? We’d love to see him have more opportunities to really push his character to the limit. The same goes for Will Estes, Vanessa Ray, Tom Selleck, and the rest of the cast. While we’d hate to see Frank in grave danger, it would make for interesting television since it’d be such a different situation than we’re accustomed to seeing for him.

Do you think that Blue Bloods should have an even larger stable of regular villains like Victor Lugo? Share in the comments!

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