Hawaii Five-0 season 8 midseason spotlight: What’s next for Jerry Ortega?

Jerry OrtegaWhat is coming up on Hawaii Five-0 season 8 for Jerry Ortega? This is a character we’ve gotten to know more of over time, but given that Jorge Garcia has really only been a regular since the fifth season, there is still quite a lot about this character that we are still getting to know. For example, there are mysteries aplenty still when it comes to his upbringing, his life now, and what sort of role he could have in the future.

As this article (the latest in our ongoing midseason spotlight series) progresses, one of the primary goals is getting some suggestions as to how to how to add so much more to his story.

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1. See his life away from the Five-0 task force now – How much has Jerry evolved since joining the team? What is he up to when he is not at the office? We’ve gotten little teases about this over time but not in a while.

2. Dive back into the conspiracy angle – This is what brought Jerry into the show in the first place and, as a result of that, we do want to see that explored a little bit more. It’s almost a trigger for him to go back into an old part of his personality.

3. Play up said conspiracy angle – Because of his knowledge and his contacts, Jerry has the ability to do some more undercover work that the remainder of the team cannot do. Therefore, there is some excitement that could come with seeing him try to infiltrate cults or some other sect with bizarre beliefs that he can sift through.

4. Love interest! – We didn’t get a chance to see Hurley have much of a romantic life on Lost, and with that it’d be nice to see Jerry find someone in a more substantial way. As an actor we haven’t had a chance to see Garcia get to tackle some of this material all that much; this is a great opportunity to bring that to the table. It’s been there occasionally on this show but never fully in the forefront.

5. Show more of his crime-solving capabilities – Given that Jerry does have the badge, we do want to see him use that a little bit more outside of the office — even if he’s not undercover while doing so. Given his background he’s coming from a place that is SO different from all of the other characters. Why not explore that a little bit more? There are so many fun opportunities in which the show could do so.

What do you want to see when it comes to Jerry Ortega on Hawaii Five-0 season 8? Be sure to share in the comments below!

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