Is a Seven Seconds season 2 possible at Netflix? Maybe, but with a twist

Seven Seconds season 2Following today’s big premiere over at Netflix, is a Seven Seconds season 2 renewal really possible? The answer to that question is yes, but it may not be coming necessarily in the way in which you would first assume.

First, let’s settle in on one key fact — there is no official Seven Seconds season 2 order just yet. The Jersey City-set drama, which currently stars Regina King and is created by The Killing alum Veena Sud, needs to get an official greenlight for more episodes. We’re not there as of yet. In the event that this does come, the next order of business after that is figure out just what the future of the series could hold.

In a new interview with CNN, Sud made it clear that the show would continue to be set in Jersey City, but would take on another case and look at things from an anthology perspective. This is something that has become a little bit more familiar as of late; with that in mind, we can’t say that we’re surprised to hear that. It’s probably for the best so that the show doesn’t just get stuck on one character or storyline. The ghost of The Killing still haunts Sud in some ways across the internet, unfair as it may be. The problem was that there was this expectation that the Rosie case was going to be resolved in the first season and when it wasn’t, much of the internet collectively freaked out. It took to the end of season 2 to get official answers. At that point, more doors were closed and the path to the end started to become clear.

Reviews at the moment for Seven Seconds are mixed — while there is copious praise out there for the performance of King and some of the ideas of the series, it’s also drawn criticism for being unrelentingly bleak — it’s not a show for everyone, though it’s hard to fathom why anyone is so shocked that a series produced by the same person as The Killing is not all sunshine and rainbows. This is kind of what Sud does! You either love it or you don’t.

Is there a timeline for a renewal?

More than likely there will be some sort of news announced within a few months — there’s no immediate hurry for Netflix to announce anything. They’ll give it time to see what the retention patterns are for Seven Seconds are in the long-term. They’ve got such a robust roster at this point that they don’t need a second season; also, the format means that there’s no sense of necessity to order more. It’s really all about their personal needs.

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