Top Chef: Colorado episode 12 review: Who made the top three?

Top Chef: Colorado episode 12 reviewGoing into Top Chef: Colorado episode 12, it was pretty darn clear that Joe Sasto had momentum. The man with the magic mustache had won two straight elimination challenges, and to go along with that seemed to finally figure out how to channel his exceptional techniques in order to make good food that still had an essence of humility to it. This is a difficult balancing act, but nonetheless still something that he figured out how to do.

However, winning doesn’t guarantee safety the following week — just ask Joseph after what we saw transpire during Restaurant Wars.

In this case, Joe managed to stay safe for yet another week, but the competition nonetheless had another shocking elimination. Carrie Baird, the favorite for arguably most of the season, found herself sent home. This means that Joe Flamm, Mustache Joe, and Adrienne Cheatham remain a part of the competition. The same goes for Adrienne’s edit where she has this sudden awakening as to who she is as a chef.

With Carrie’s exit, what we were reminded of yet again is just how unpredictable that Top Chef as a competition can be — credit does have to go to the editors for giving you several fully-formed contestants given that almost anything can happen from start to finish during the season. This is not the final three that was anticipated early on this season — maybe Mustache Joe was someone you could project going far since he had the technical skill for it, but we weren’t anywhere near so sure about the other two.

Now, these remaining three chefs have just two episodes remaining to flex their muscles before the final takes place.

Is this a good Top Chef season?

That’s something we’re still trying to figure out. In terms of the cast and the location, we’ve rather enjoyed much of it. Yet, we also don’t know how many super-iconic dishes we’ve seen that we are going to remember for many years to come. While it’s not necessarily fair to call some of the dishes safe, there probably hasn’t been a lot of chefs pushing the creative limits this season. It’s all been very good, but there is that whole phrase “no risk, no reward” that applies here to a certain degree.

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