Hawaii Five-0 season 8 midseason spotlight: The future for Lou Grover

Lou GroverLou Grover is a wonderful character on Hawaii Five-0 played by a wonderful actor in Chi McBride — the moment that he first joined the series you likely knew that we were going to be for something special. That has been proven to be the case. Anytime we get a Grover standalone it’s one of the best of the season, and we’re coming off of one of the most emotional ones in years.

Where do you go from there? Is there a way to bring some more lightness into Grover’s world? That’s something we’re going to touch on a little bit more in the latest chapter of our ongoing season 8 midseason spotlight series.

More of Grover’s family – It does seem like a good time to incorporate his son more in a way that is different from what we saw during his last appearance — allow him to go out and have some fun separate from his father, which would in turn probably cause him to worry more. He’s just at that sort of age where Grover’s going to be paranoid over just about every little thing he does. The likelihood of him finding ways to get in trouble is high. He’s just a kid! You have to expect a certain degree of that, all things considered.

Get Lou involved in the restaurant – We’re not sure how that happens, but it’s such a different environment for him and it could do Lou some good to get a primarily comedic storyline to shake things up a little bit. The restaurant itself is a source of so much lightness and joy this season that we want to continue to see it within focus.

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More time with some of the newbies – It does feel like Junior and Tani could learn a lot from somebody like Lou, given that he’s seasoned, has battle demons, and went through things that even the average cop will not have. He’s a different perspective, and we think that a round-robin approach is probably best when it comes to how McGarrett and the Five-0 task force train these characters to be the best that they can possibly be.

More Grover flashbacks – Now that we know a little bit more about his suicide attempt and what eventually led to him going to Hawaii, we’d absolutely love to focus back in on some of his earlier days in Hawaii within that context — how much healing did he find in the sunshine and the waves of the ocean?

What do you want to see for Lou Grover on Hawaii Five-0 season 8?

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