Will a Bachelor Winter Games season 2 renewal happen at ABC?

Bachelor Winter Games promoIs there an opportunity for a Bachelor Winter Games season 2 on ABC in the future after the finale on Thursday night? This is a subject we’ve been torn on for the past week or so, but coming off of this past episode there is hope. Episode 3 of the series ended up drawing a 0.9 rating in 18-49 demographic, which is the best number for the series to date. It does make this show the lowest-rated entry in the franchise so far, but at the same time it also had the smallest amount of promotion and very few people had any clue what it was going in. Also, it was airing opposite the real Olympic Games and it was adding a LOT more Bachelor-related programming onto every single week. In total, we’re talking six hours of show-related content and that is a beastly amount.

We do think that there is a chance at there being a Bachelor Winter Games season 2 at some point in the future. Yet, there is a reasonably good chance that it’s not going to be until the next Winter Olympics. That’s a long time to wait — who even knows what the state of the entire franchise will be at that point?

If we were an ABC executive, what we would probably actually do is this: Turn Bachelor Winter Games into a weekly series that airs after The Bachelor every week until the After the Final Rose. Allow for a slightly-longer filming period and give yourself more lead-in time. One of the biggest challenges with this season is that there weren’t really all that many opportunities to get to know everyone, especially some of the international contestants.

Scheduling-wise, it actually would make some sense for Bachelor Winter Games to air after The Bachelor in that it would give you nine hours of programming to go along with nine weeks of The Bachelor that don’t have an After the Final Rose after it. It’d also give The Good Doctor a hiatus that would allow that show to come back in March and air the remainder of its episodes uninterrupted. (Bachelor Winter Games probably couldn’t be scheduled the way it was this year in a non-Olympic year unless other shows took a long break.)

This decision is ultimately going to lie with ABC but we’ve seen them show a great deal of loyalty to the entire Bachelor franchise at this point. With that, there is a pretty strong reason to think that they could still continue to support Bachelor Winter Games even beyond this short season.

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