Blue Bloods season 8 episode 15 photo: Why is Frank at a jail?

Blue Bloods season 8

We’ve got a new Blue Bloods season 8 episode 15 photo leading up to the upcoming March 2 episode, and there’s one thing shocking about it right away. Frank is at prison!

We’re mostly surprised at this point anytime that we see Tom Selleck anywhere that is not a Reagan family home or a Commissioner’s office — we don’t necessarily think that he is predictable, but he is a cop very much set in his ways. He is a man of routine, and he really only goes out into the field when he absolutely has to. On this episode, entitled “Legacy,” all signs point towards him feeling as though there’s some urgency — if he didn’t feel that way, there’s very little chance that he would be making a visit to prison in the first place.

So why is he there? All signs point to it being due to a complicated legal matter. A rookie cop gets into hot water after he is caught on video questioning the immigration status of a pedestrian. It’s possible that Frank is visiting this said pedestrian, who may very well know that they were a victim of some extreme prejudice. This is a tough position for Frank to be in since he has to side against one of his own, but in this instance, the cop made the mistake. It’s hard to really look at this in any other way. He has to find a way to smooth this over, and at the urging of Garrett, you’re going to see Frank within this episode do just about everything that he can in order to try and regain the trust of the public.

There are some other important storylines in this episode, including one where Nicky has to deal with workplace sexual harassment in a way that could be very topical. As we get closer to this episode airing, we are absolutely going to have some additional updates. Stay on the lookout for more as they come out.

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(Photo: CBS)

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