Designated Survivor season 2 episode 11 video: Who does Kirkman blame?

Designated Survivor season 2 episode 11ABC has released a new Designated Survivor season 2 episode 11 sneak peek, and judging from what we see in it this could be one of the most powerful episodes by far of the entire season.

If you watched the winter finale, you obviously know what got us here: The shocking death of Alex Kirkman! It was sudden, it was unexpected, and above all else, it was painful. Tom couldn’t prepare for it and the look on his face after getting the news basically said everything that you really needed to know about precisely how much he loved her.

In the aftermath of everything that transpired, we’re now seeing Tom Kirkman in therapy. He is doing his best to process what happened — beyond that, though, he is also trying to figure out how to properly assign blame. Given what happened, and the fact that he is President, Kirkman is eager to blame himself. If he wasn’t the leader of the free world, he thinks that this wouldn’t have happened.

Yet, his therapist makes another interesting point to Tom — she is the one who effectively sent him on the road to being the Designated Survivor. Therefore, trying to map out the course of events leading up to her death basically is impossible. There is basically no point in trying to assign blame over what transpired — the only thing that you could really do was move forward, but this is a case of something being so much easier said than done.

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This episode of Designated Survivor is entitled “Grief” and it goes without saying that grief is going to be a major theme of this story. We don’t exactly think that Kirkman is going to just emerge at the end of the episode okay and ready to move on with his life; however, if he can just be in a slightly better place mentally at the end of the hour than he was going in, that should constitute a victory in itself.

Will this be Kiefer Sutherland’s best performance of the entire season? It’s probably not fair to judge an entire episode based on one short preview, but we’re leaning at the moment towards that answer being “yes.” It’s intense, it’s intimate, and it could be different than almost anything that Designated Survivor has done before. Sometimes, you do need something big and shocking to shake up a show and this could be precisely what the doctor ordered.

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