TV Revivals: Should Roswell return with its original cast?

Roswell season 4

If you’ve been reading around the internet, then you’re probably familiar already with the news that The CW is in the process of rebooting Roswell with a new cast and a new story. Carina Adly MacKenzie is writing the script for it; meanwhile, her former Originals boss Julie Plec is directing the pilot.

This article isn’t meant as a slam on the new version on the show — the two people we’ve mentioned are exceptional at their jobs (we also like who was cast as a lead). Still, there’s something interesting to us about looking at the old series and imagining what some of those characters are up to — how their lives have changed and the threats that they’re dealing with now.

The merits of reviving the series in this way are pretty clear. For starters, it’s pure nostalgia for people who remember the three seasons that aired in the late ’90s and early ’00s. It’s crazy to think that there were only three seasons! This show became a cult favorite even though it had a short life and aired on two separate networks. Beyond that, there’s a real joy that would come from revisiting these characters as older adults and seeing the passage of time. It’s a little different than The X-Files given that this series already had an adult Mulder and Scully when they went away; other than their relationship ebbs and flows, there really hasn’t been all that much that has changed over the years with them. With Roswell, who knows what could’ve happened?

Unfortunately, the main reason why this would never happen is because this is The CW — it’s a conglomeration of the two former Roswell networks in WB and UPN and its goal is to often cater to a teen / young adult audience with many of its shows. Many of these viewers were probably babies and toddlers when the original was out. The best thing that we can hope for here is that the new Roswell, if it airs, will feature some echoes to the original and even some former cast members.

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