TV Revivals: Should Bones, Hannibal, JAG, The Office, or Roswell return?

This week we’ve made it to the final one of our TV Revivals article series, at least in terms of some of the last original shows we’re planning to spotlight.

The goal at the heart of the series is simply this: To figure out what show CarterMatt readers want to see back on the air! We’ve got a poll at the bottom of this article that you can vote on however much you want in between now and February 22 at 1:00 p.m. Pacific time when it closes. To go along with this, we’re going to go in-depth with all of the shows below to better explain why they should return. We’ve got dates below as to when some of these in-depth articles will be published.

(Remember that if you are on mobile and cannot view the poll, head down to the bottom of the article and click to view the non-AMP version.)

Bones – We do think that TV movies or a limited series could be discussed here eventually, but there is probably no rush to make it happen — especially with David Boreanaz making 22 episodes of another show in SEAL Team.

Hannibal – Anyone who knows CarterMatt knows we love Hannibal — therefore, you can’t be shocked that we would do a TV Revivals article the third straight year. When we do a feature in the coming days, our focus will be primarily on the subject of how to make the series work in the 2018 landscape.

JAG – Given that so many of the original characters are still being used within the NCIS universe, it obviously makes a certain degree of sense to look at this again. Yet, given that some of these characters are no longer in the same business, it would probably be a reboot just as much as it would be a revival.

The Office – We know that one is sort-of in development at the moment, but is it really needed? What characters should be involved? We view this almost as a litmus test to gauge just what the interest for getting more of The Office would actually be. We’re not altogether sure as many people want it as NBC thinks, at least without Michael Scott or some of the other main characters.

Roswell – There is all of this talk out there regarding a new version of the show; yet, why not just bring back the original or some of those characters for more? This would be so much more appealing at this point than just doing the same series roughly all over again.

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