Jessica Jones season 2 episode 10 review: Is Hogarth really cured?

Jeri Hogarth Jessica Jones season 2Jessica Jones may have gotten a little mental healing by having her mother absolve her of the blame she’s cast on herself for 17 years, but having to make the tough choice to have her mother put away is something we are sure she’s going to be conflicted about for a long time. Inside she knows that she couldn’t let her mother stay out on the streets with an uncontrollable thirst for murdering people, but it’s still her mother and the only family she has left.

Alisa in prison

While she may be in prison that doesn’t mean that things can’t be a little bit improved from where she is now. Jessica hired Hogarth as Alisa’s lawyer and has a deal for her to take. Normally anyone with powers gets sent to a special prison called The Raft where no one ever sees or hears from you again, but Hogarth has found a way to get her to stay in local prison where she can have visitors, her bed, and she can have her wig back. All she has to give is a full confession, but it will include everything about Dr. Karl and where they can find him. She refuses to give him up.

After some persuading, Jessica gets the location of where Dr. Karl is from her mom. We don’t know exactly what her plan is, but she’s pretty sure handing over Dr. Karl may land him in the wrong hands. Jessica wants Dr. Karl to get on a plane and go to a country where there is no extradition so that when Alisa gives him up no one can get their hands on him and she can have some kind of semblance of a normal life in jail. She takes some photos of him for a fake passport and tells him to sit tight until she returns.

Trish’s job interview

As expected, without the drug she bombed this interview. Her confidence is shot and it’s a shame too, because she never needed the drug to be passionate about what she wants. She wanted to be a star, she became Patsy, she wanted to be a pop singer she put out a hit single that grew into a tour and now she wants to expose IGH, which she’s been pushing hard as well.

After going down in flames, she hears one of the reporters at the network getting scoop on Alisa being arrested. She calls Jessica to get the scoop first so she can break the story. Jessica sits down with both Trish and Malcolm and tells them the whole truth. Once Trish learns that the killer is actually Jessica’s mom she says she’s going to back off from doing the story because she knows it’s going to blow back on Jessica, but she just can’t help herself.

The talk between Alisa and Trish is quite interesting since Alisa could see right through Trish. It’s true that she wants to bring down IGH because they experiment on people, but when Alisa calls Trish out for being jealous of the fact that Jessica has powers and Trish doesn’t it pulled back the curtain on what is really driving Trish at the moment. She wants to be a hero and since she no longer has the inhaler to get powers she has to use what she already had to be the hero – the power of good journalism.

Trish can’t let go of the feeling that Alisa and Dr. Karl are using Jessica, but she can’t figure out exactly how. After roping Malcolm in on the plan, he decides to help Trish figure out where Dr. Karl is. He finds an address for the motel he’s at and away they go! When they get there they find his room, but instead of both of them going in, Trish decides to knock Malcolm out and put him in the trunk of her car and go in alone. We get that she has something to prove here, but does she really need to be violent against someone like Malcolm or more then that why does he need to be in the trunk?

Hogarth learns the truth

Hogarth thinks that she is healed by Shane, but when Jessica learns from Dr. Karl that he never treated anyone named Shane and that he never saw anyone that could heal people, we wonder what’s really going on with Inez and Shane. Is this a scam of some sort? Is someone else creating people with super powers that isn’t Dr. Karl? When Jessica tells Hogarth that Shane was never at IGH and that Inez lied, Hogarth doesn’t believe it. She says that she hasn’t had any symptoms in two days. Because she has ALS, they can’t run tests and Inez would know that as a former nurse. No matter what Jessica says, Hogarth won’t hear it, but once she’s alone we can see that the seed has been planted. She arrives back at her apartment to find Shane and Inez gone and her place has been cleaned out of all valuables. They played a long con on her to get Shane out of jail and gain a bit of cash leaving Hogarth in the same place she was before – a broken angry woman with ALS.

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CarterMatt Verdict

The big theme this season for Jessica is that after killing Kilgrave that she’s afraid that she is a murderer and that because it was so easy to kill him that she will kill again with the same ease. After meeting her mother who is an uncontrollable killer, her fears about herself are amplified. When she finds out a guard at the prison is torturing her mother, she goes to his house to learn that he’s been torturing inmates into suicide for years. When he confronts her and starts beating her, she hits him so hard that he dies. Now she has another death on her hands outside of Kilgrave and Luke Cage’s wife and we suspect that now her fears will consume her. We still haven’t seen Kilgrave this season even though David Tennant is set to appear and we’ve suspected that he will be either a voice in her head or a manifestation that she will use to drive herself crazy, but this death is definitely going to trigger something. The body count is too high for it not to.

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