Jessica Jones season 2 episode 3 review: Meet Dr. Leslie Hansen

dr Leslie hansenWith Will Simpson dead and a killer that’s not actually out to get Trish, it seems that Jessica Jones is back to square one on figuring out who killed Kozlov, The Whizzer and now Simpson. Is it the IGH or is there something else going on?

Finding a new lead on IGH

After disposing of Simpson’s body, truck and anything linking him to them, Jessica let’s Trish talk her into going to hypnotherapy as a way to tap into those thoughts that are locked away and see if there are any clues to lead them closer to IGH. We are really surprised that Jessica would allow anyone into her head ever again after what happened with Kilgrave so that tells us that either she really trusts Trish or she’s desperate. Either way it goes no where and she has to go through this the hard way – going through photos of the accident, case files of her family’s death and other assorted horrific documents that would make anyone sick to their stomach.

After going back to the lab once again she finds a name: Doctor Leslie Hansen. Jessica and Trish locate her apartment only to learn that she moved out a week previously, but that there might be some of her boxes still in the basement. Unfortunately, everything’s been burnt to a crisp… including a skull. Is this Dr. Hansen or someone she was trying to get rid of?

Trish decides to use her show to try to pull out anyone who might know Dr. Hansen, but instead she gets Dr. Hansen herself who suggests that the meet up… alone. Not a good sign. Jessica stops Trish from going and goes to the meeting herself.

This meeting goes about as well as we expected. Jessica laid all the cards out on the table of everything she knows about her being a Metro General doctor who siphoned off patients to IGH to which Dr. Hansen says that she wants to clear it all up. She says that what they were doing was saving lives, but that the superpowers came about as rare side effects to certain DNA. She tells Jessica that without this procedure she would’ve been dead, and for a moment she literally was dead. When Jessica says she wishes that she had let her die on that table, Dr. Hansen becomes enraged and they break out into a fight, revealing that she also has super strength – and with that we think we have just met the Jessica Jones season 2 villain.

This meeting with Dr. Hansen gets a little more complicated when the test results come back on that burnt skull they found: It’s Dr. Leslie Hansen. So who is it that Jessica met up with?

Jessica’s eviction

She’s getting evicted and has 30 days to leave because she’s running a business out of her apartment which is illegal, but really it’s about the fact that her new superintendent is an ex-con and when she brought the police to his door he panicked and is pushing her out. She figures that this new guy must have something on the landlord to agree to bounce her even though he’s known for years that she’s a run a business out of her apartment.

After some digging she learns that the new superintendent forged documents and a passport to get the landlord’s boyfriend into the country and because he’s on parole he can’t have the cops around.

Hogarth faces the firing squad

After being given what we can only assume was a death sentence by her doctor, Hogarth went on a bit of a bender, indulging in prostitutes, drugs and drink. Once she gets herself together and returns to work, she’s surprised to find out that her work partners already know about her diagnosis and want to buy her out of the partnership. She refuses to leave to which they tell her that if she doesn’t reconsider taking the package they will force her out. This whole situation did bring in a nice cameo from one of our favorite lawyers in the Marvel universe: Mr. Foggy Nelson! He offers her help saying that this is discrimination and that he wants to help her fight back, but she’s not having it.

She later goes to Jessica’s apartment to serve her personally with Cheng’s lawsuit, but when she rips it up she tells Jessica that originally she had this shady plan to get Jessica back into the fold – now she’s going to just be straight with her. Hogarth explains that she needs Jessica to dig something up on her partners to stop them from pushing her out of the firm because she has ALS. Surprisingly Jessica softens her heart and takes Hogarth’s case.

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CarterMatt Verdict

It’s going to be hard to top Kilgrave as a villain, but Netflix Marvel series have done a pretty great job with giving us some solid, complicated villains. We’ve had Kilgrave, Wilson Fisk, and Madam Gao who all terrified and delighted us, but we’ve come across a couple of stinkers as well. So far Dr. Hansen is set to be a fairly formidable opponent for Jessica and we are excited to see how it all plays out. Also, is there anyone else out there that thought this part was being played by Laurie Metcalf for a brief second? These two could be twins!

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