TV Lifespans: Beyond Shameless season 9, how much life is there?

Shameless season 9Shameless season 9 is officially coming onto Showtime later this year. Beyond that, how much more life is there in the series? Will this be the super-rare Showtime series that actually makes it to a season 10?

At the moment, there is absolutely no sign that season 9 is the end of the road. When it comes to the series’ current ratings, it’s doing incredibly well and it’s hard to argue that. This is a show that brought in on average 1.5 million viewers a week, and that is actually an increase versus season 7! That’s something that just doesn’t happen when you get so far into a series’ run and it’s notable. It’s worth keeping track of that.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that Shameless will stick around forever, either. Eventually, it could fell like the Gallagher family is ready to move on. Beyond that, we could feel the same as viewers. Shows do need to end sometimes in order for their resonance to be truly felt, and we think that some of these characters are starting to evolve (operative word there: Starting) from being the train-wrecks we’ve known them as for most of their lives.

There is certainly still plenty of story through season 9, and beyond that, there could be enough story for a season 10. It would be great to see the show get there just so that it could tell the story of a decade in some of these characters’ lives. That’s such a great, round number and it feels perfectly symbolic for a show that is this character-focused. They could also name it the final season far in advance and come up with some great ways to honor some of the overall story. We know that we certainly have a list of people who really should return to Shameless before it’s over. (If there is ever a chance to know for sure it’s the final season, it’s an article you can almost certainly expect.)

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At this point, we are so late in the run that it feels bet to just enough every minute of it. CarterMatt will have some more Shameless updates once there is some more news available.

What do you think: Once we get past Shameless season 9, is there going to be a lot more of the series still in the tank? Share below!

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