Celebrity Big Brother episode 9 review: The eviction and the Veto twist

Metta World PeaceThere was quite a bit of important material to take on over the course of Celebrity Big Brother episode 9, and that includes an opportunity to seeing one of the biggest twists of the entire season playing out live.

We know that one of three special Vetoes are going to be deployed during this episode, and with that, there are just a couple of questions — which one, and then how it will end up being deployed in the end.

The winning Veto as chosen by America was the VIP, which basically means that whoever wins the necklace can use it on two separate occasions. Mark, Metta, and Marissa are joining Head of Household Omarosa and the nominees Brandi and Ross. The entire competition was themed all around a puzzle. It was all based on speed and strategy (we’ve seen variations on it before), and ultimately, we ended up seeing Ross win it! Not only could he save himself, but he could also save whoever the replacement nominee was. That made things a little harder on Omarosa … or it could have.

Ultimately, though, we just saw Metta World Peace throwing in the towel and quitting the game. Ross nominated him as a replacement because he wanted to go and that was it — it was also incredibly lame and stupid beyond words that we’ve got two out of four contestants at this point who have basically forced their way out of the game. Metta got an opportunity leave and seized it — even though he was only SIX DAYS away from the end! Seriously. This is maddening and we really wish this would cause changes for the next season. It won’t.

Here’s the reality: Celebrities quitting happens all the time with these shows, which is why the British version of them casts a ton of people in preparation of it. The funny thing here is that Metta had actually won over a ton of fans who would have loved him had he just stuck it out for another six days. Because he didn’t, he’ll now be loathed by many of these same people.

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