Call the Midwife season 7 episode 5 review: Lucille’s difficult patient; Barbara, Tom return

Call the Midwife season 7 episode 5 review

In the early moments of Call the Midwife season 7 episode 5 it was clear almost from the get-go that there were going to be some new struggles for some of the characters. Not only that, but Nonnatus was going to have to operate without one of their most-trusted one-time employees.

Alas, Trixie had become a little less trusty as of late due to her alcoholism, and at the end of tonight’s episode it was decided that the best thing for her was to go away for a little while and try to find a way to get better. This was a sad thing for Christopher to really come to terms with, but we’ve got a feeling she’ll be back later this season.

As for what some of the other midwives were up to, Lucille had one of her biggest challenges taking on the case of an expectant mother who was suffering from a severe phobia of childbirth. It wasn’t altogether easy finding common ground with her patient but Lucille eventually did; with that, she had arguably her biggest victory since first becoming a midwife.

Reggie’s story

Remember Reggie? He was back tonight! We’ve missed that character, and he delivered a punch right in the feels with a story in which he did everything that he can in order to care from a man who was suffering from smallpox and was unable to come in human contact with others. Reggie made a friend, but then felt the need to keep said friendship away from other people.

Eventually, Nurse Crane was able to convince Reggie to give up some information regarding where the man was — from there, she determined that it was not smallpox that he was suffering from as he thought. As it turns out, he was suffering from leprosy — which isn’t exactly a whole lot better on the surface, but wasn’t anywhere near as contagious. Also, there was a way in which it could be cured.

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Barbara and Tom are back!

We knew that their return was coming in this episode, as it was hyped up for most of the week before tonight. It took a while, but they came back at the end of the episode only to realize that most of the Nonnatus House residents were over at the Parish Picnic — somehow, they also managed to come up with some picnic food along the way.

CarterMatt Verdict

Call the Midwife season 7 episode 5 really hit hard some of what we love the most about the series in this episode, whether it be compassion or finding ways to overcome great odds. While much of this episode was familiar, there were still issues that were different and very emotional.

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