TV Revivals: Should a JAG season 11 rejoin NCIS on schedule?

Should CBS consider making a JAG season 11 happen at some point in the future?

In the midst of all of the revivals that are going on at the moment, this is actually one that makes a good bit of sense. For starters, the universe is still out there! Bud Roberts was recently a part of NCIS and we’ve seen Chegwidden a number of times over on NCIS: Los Angeles the past few years. JAG, in one form or another, never really left the network even if some of the characters are now off in different roles.

Ultimately, though, bringing the show back would probably be a little bit different than just hiring the old cast members. The last time the series was on the air it was a good fourteen or so years ago. The last time it was on the air was the 2004-05 season, back when it and NCIS season 2 were on the air. Bringing the show back would probably require more than just appealing to viewers who were watching way back when. You’d have to bring in some new viewers and the best way to do that is probably by bringing in a few new characters played by familiar performers. Could you also get a few returning favorites? We’d hope to get at least recurring appearances from John M. Jackson and others if they’re not around full time. The show had some pretty familiar recurring performers over the years, including Terry O’Quinn and Steven Culp.

If CBS is going to revive Murphy Brown, a show that doesn’t really have any connective tissue in 2018, there’s always a chance that they are going to consider more JAG. Maybe it’s not something that they need now, but it could be a great way to especially continue the NCIS legacy in the event the flagship show decides to go off the air.

One thing that is forgotten about over time

The original JAG series was actually a pretty-epic underdog story. The first season originally aired on NBC, but they canceled it before it ended up moving over to CBS the following season. It built up an audience there over time before it eventually became a runaway hit.

Here’s the craziest thing — if CBS had just let JAG die so many years ago, they would have been costing them in the future NCIS and all of its spin-offs. The entire network landscape would probably be the same in the event that this one move hadn’t happened. Crazy, right?

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