Top Chef: Colorado episode 12 preview: Enter Rocky Mountain oysters

Top Chef: Colorado episode 12When there’s so many things teased up at the start of a Top Chef season, sometimes you do forget about a few things here and there along the way. This is precisely what we’re thinking leading into Top Chef: Colorado episode 12 and the Rocky Mountain oyster challenge. We completely forgot that the show was throwing this at the contestants!

For those who are unaware, Rocky Mountain oysters are often bull testicles, though they occasionally are different animal proteins. They’re actually pretty high in nutrients, or at least they are before they are deep-fried as they are often served. They’re a pretty popular item in parts of the Midwest / mountains in Canada; outside of that, though, they tend to just be a novelty item you get in bars when you want to dare your friends to do something crazy.

As for how the chefs are going to elevate this, that’s one of the fun things about this upcoming episode since this is not exactly an easy challenge. They have to take something that isn’t altogether flashy and turn it into something that is — a challenge that is certainly much more easier said than done.

On the other side of this…

The preview makes it look like there is some sort of surprise coming the contestants’ way inside of a cabin — given what we often see when it comes to reality TV at this point in the season, we feel fairly confident that this is either going to be some sort of family visit or an opportunity to see some eliminated chefs return in some capacity. There are only so many things at this point in the season that would draw a big reaction from the people who are still in the competition.

One of the remaining group we do still consider Carried the favorite despite a small tumble tonight; yet, we do think that this is anyone’s game given that Adrienne and the two Joe’s are both also doing really well. Almost everyone has some momentum on their side and that’s rare for the show at this point in the season.

What do you want to see on Top Chef: Colorado episode 12 and is there anyone in particular you are rooting for? Share right now in the comments!

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