Top Chef: Colorado episode 11 review: Who was booted in Telluride?

Top Chef: Colorado premiereWho was eliminated on Top Chef: Colorado episode 11? It feels pretty clear to say that the stakes were super-high in Telluride and for good reason. The remaining five chefs had to cook in extremely high altitude for the elimination challenge and that made just about everything more difficult.

First, let’s celebrate Joe Flamm coming back to the competition! He won Last Chance Kitchen and that scored him a shot in the finals. Beyond that, he also managed to secure himself a spot in the final four. The same goes for Joe and his magic mustache, who is hitting all of the notes at the right time.

How dangerous is Adrienne now? Very dangerous. She didn’t win tonight, but the edit really hit on the same note time and time again — she understands who she is as a chef now! They really want you to know that! Seriously, though — her presentation in the elimination challenge (which was at the highest-altitude restaurant in North America) was really on another level and she deserves a great deal of credit for that.

The decision as to who to send home tonight was a fascinating one since it came down to apples versus oranges — do you eliminate someone in Chris Scott who made the most cooking errors, or someone in Carrie Baird who didn’t take a whole lot of risks? We’ve admittedly from the start that Chris was our favorite chef this season, so there’s bias on this end when it comes to who we wanted to see stick around.

Yet, the problem here is that this is a cooking competition and that cookery really does matter the most. Given that he’d been in danger many times as of late, we’re not shocked to see him leave at this point. We will say this: The guy’s almost a lock to be an all-star if he ever wants to come back. He’s incredibly memorable and we love the sort of food he cooks. He’ll be missed moving forward.

CarterMatt Verdict

From the elimination challenge to the saloon-inspired Quickfire, this was by far one of the coolest Top Chef episodes at this point in the competition to date. Everyone came out swinging and gave the judges some good food. With that, there wasn’t a single undeserving contestant.

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