TV Revivals: Keeping the White Collar season 7 dream alive

In today’s edition of CarterMatt’s TV Revivals series we’re crossing our fingers and hoping to get a White Collar season 7 at some point in the future. Why wouldn’t we want it, given that this is one of the best shows in recent cable history?

When you think about the current landscape, there is one thing clearly missing: Great procedural hybrid shows, ones that mix case-of-the-week plots with also humor and stories that you can keep watching for many weeks. Good Behavior on TNT is probably one of the best ones out there right now, but unfortunately with its ratings we’re worried about its future. The Good Doctor could be another, but it’s a little more serious and doesn’t have as much of the humor. The one show that really reminds us of White Collar right now is Sneaky Pete, but why couldn’t we have more White Collar as well?

White Collar, for those unaware, starred Matt Bomer (who we knew best when the show was on for his recurring role on Chuck) as Neal Caffrey, a master thief who found himself forced to work with law enforcement as a means of avoiding jail time. He still had some of his old contacts including Mozzie (Willie Garson), and he spent much of the series towing the line between right and wrong. In the series finale Neal was able to fake his own death and start over in Paris, but you do have to wonder just how long that ending will stick for him — and if it will stick at all. As elusive as Neal may be, won’t someone find him eventually? Won’t there be a reason for him to eventually come back?

While we’re not sure that a White Collar season 7 proper is something that will happen, we don’t know why USA couldn’t find a way to get the gang back together for a movie or two similar to what happened with Psych. We do think that the series finale was a great ending, but it would be interesting to see Neal and Peter back together one last time with so much water under the bridge. As for whether or not it could actually happen, we are at least happy about the fact that USA is embracing the nostalgia of their past rather than straight-up ignoring it like other cable networks are. (Hello, TNT!)

CarterMatt knows that there was interest in doing more White Collar, (at least a TV movie) around the time the series ending. With that in mind and the recent revival trend, there’s little reason to think that we would never see more of the show in the future.

What do you think: Do we need a White Collar season 7 revival, or do you think we’re better off letting sleeping dogs lie in this instance? Share now in the comments!

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