TV Revivals: Should there be any hope for Firefly season 2?

Firefly season 2Is there a hope at all for a Firefly season 2? Even after Serenity, is there a way to bring the Fox series back for more?

We feel like this is a worthy subject of discussion in this edition of our CarterMatt TV Revivals series, largely because Firefly is really one of the pioneers of this trend. It is the reaction to this cancellation that eventually led to us getting Serenity, and that’s why it feels full-circle in this age of revivals to come back to the topic now.

As for how this could happen, there are a couple of ways in which you could do it whether it be try and set the vents before Serenity or do a follow-up to the movie. Both have their advantages, but both at the same time also have some clear disadvantages. For starters, it’s been so many years since Serenity that it would be hard to properly age down the actors to match their characters. Unfortunately (spoiler alert for Serenity), it would be hard to get Alan Tudyk back unless you either cast him in a different character or made Wash into some sort of artificial intelligence.

The one thing we find impossible right now is to sit here and say that the Firefly ship has completely sailed. Remember that Gilmore Girls and Will & Grace have already come back after substantial breaks in the action. Meanwhile, Murphy Brown is getting set to come back and its break is longer than even one of them. If all of these series are coming back, who’s not to say that Fox could find a way to redeem themselves and give us more Firefly, even just as a short 4-6 episode season similar to The X-Files? It would be hard to do more than that given that Nathan Fillion has a new TV gig over on The Rookie and Gina Torres is still waiting to learn one way or another the fate of the Suits spin-off.

The saddest reality of all is that Ron Glass is no longer with us; how do you tell the story without both Wash and Book? That may be a sign, as great as the revival trend is, that Firefly is better left in history.

Yet, we’re probably still going to stay one of those Browncoats that will not stop dreaming at any point in the near future.

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