Top Chef: Colorado episode 10 review: Who was eliminated before Telluride?

Top Chef: Colorado episode 10Top Chef: Colorado episode 10 was an enormous one. This was the last episode of the show before the start of the finals in Telluride, and with there only being a handful of chefs left, that meant that the margin for error was extremely small.

Let’s start with the bad news: Bruce Kalman and Chris Scott were in danger coming out of their performance of the elimination challenge. The premise for this challenge was admittedly a little odd, as the remaining chefs had to make something that was indicative of their time on the show. That was a little bit disappointing. After getting such a creative challenge in the early going that was all about creating creepy, gory, and interesting food. Chris won this challenge, and if this was earlier in the competition, he would’ve been given immunity.

Yet, here he was in danger. Chris ironically violated a rule that many other chefs have over the course of the season: He didn’t edit the dish effectively and as a result of that, his components were uneven and the questionable offset some of the good. With Bruce, he just made a number of technical mistakes — he had a better conception for his dish but the execution was off.

Seeing Bruce go here was actually a surprise. While we’ve been rooting for Chris since the very beginning, we actually thought that the series was really setting things up for him to go tonight. Yet, Bruce left … but for good? Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen will decide that. We do want to see Bruce back — he was a likable, fun character who’s got a tangible reason to keep fighting. We know that everyone on the show has a family and other people cheering them on from home, but there is something about his story in particular that we find to be especially appealing.

On the positive side of things, this was the episode that started to turn Adrienne into more of a genuine contender for the title. We started to see some more consistency and inspiration from her; she hasn’t won many individual challenges but she could be that chef that is putting everything together at the right time. Sometimes, this is really all you need to do in order to win more so than anything else.

CarterMatt Verdict

The elimination was understandable, but also never quite love it when the Quickfire Challenge on an episode of Top Chef is more creative than the one that sends someone home. If we were to judge this like it was a plate a food, the execution was fine but the biggest problem came in the conception of the idea. There were ways in which it could have been done better.

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