Scandal season 7 episode 11 review: Olivia makes another move

At the start of Scandal season 7 episode 11, Olivia Pope found herself in a tough spot — after all, she was given her marching orders by Mellie. She had an option to resign within a short period of time or allow herself to be fired later.

Olivia heard these two options, but she still decided for whatever reason that going behind door #3 was still the best move for her. That was doing what she could to figure out how to still hold power and refuse to step down. This is where she went to Cyrus, she helped to concoct a media firestorm around Jake Ballard’s wife Vanessa, and from there she did everything that she can in order to properly put Mellie in the hot seat.

Olivia’s storyline ultimately culminated with her going to Mellie and proclaiming that she was going to be the one to ruin her — she was planning to make Mellie resign instead of doing so herself! This was certainly a bold move, but the more Olivia dug, the more danger that she found herself in. This is especially true when it came to the one piece of the puzzle she didn’t account for: Quinn still being alive.

When Olivia discovered the truth about Quinn and the baby, it came about at a rather-inopportune time: With Quinn pointing a gun at her. Both of them survived, but Olivia was dinged in the crosshairs.

Was Mellie Grant check-mated?

We wondered so when she was ready to admit to her role in the Vanessa scandal to the American public.

Meanwhile, Olivia showed up bleeding still to Rowan as the two had a rare emotional moment — they knew that they had both lied to each other about Quinn. The relationship between these two is unique in that they both hate each other; yet, at the same time they also can’t seem to function without each other. They’re also Batman and the Joker in father-daughter form.

Soon after this moment with Rowan, Olivia was faced with the ultimate choice — go after Mellie publicly or make a different choice. She made a different choice and resigned. It was surprising, but it was actually the first non-ruthless move from Olivia we’ve seen in a while. We want to think that she was thinking about the country more than just herself, but we don’t necessarily think that’s the case 100%. After all, Olivia is someone who thinks of the long game and there are infinitely possibilities that lay ahead for her.

Meanwhile, Quinn in the closing minutes paid a visit with Charlie to QPA, giving the struggling team an opportunity to actually spend time with the baby.

CarterMatt Verdict

Scandal season 7 episode 11 was a surprise, and not in the way that we thought. Right when you think that we figured out the new Olivia, she showed off a different side — a part of the old Olivia for the change.

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