Celebrity Big Brother episode 2 review: What’s in the bag? Also, Omarosa’s confessions

Celebrity Big Brother episode 2Now that we’ve made it through Celebrity Big Brother episode 2, we do know one thing more than anything else: The guys are idiots. Maybe not Ross Mathews, though we don’t quite think it’s all that great for him to be #7 in an alliance with all of the women for that long, either. Just do it for this week and then figure out something else.

How dumb are the guys? Well, we’ve got Mark McGrath and James Maslow both calling Shannon Elizabeth a threat to her face, while Chuck Liddell basically admits that they all have an alliance together. It’s not like any of this really mattered since Shannon was going to nominate two of them in the first place, but this absolutely did not help the situation that they were in.

Then, there was also Metta World Peace proclaiming that he wanted to quit the game so that he could kiss his wife “everywhere” — a lot of information, right? Shannon’s sense of strategy was pretty impressive since she was able to pinpoint who some of the threats were and why. There was some danger with many guys, especially James sense he was playing the game the hardest out of the remaining guys. Meanwhile, there was more value in keeping Metta around since he was basically dead weight.

Eventually, the episode went into the gift bag twist. This was all a little more confusing than it really needed to be, but it did make for good paranoia in the house. The women absolutely wanted to stay in power, which is why they decided to all play the gift bags and try to play the odds.

In the end, Keshia Knight Pulliam ended up drawing the right gift bag — with that, she is the Head of Household! James Maslow and Chuck Liddell are the nominations and nobody should be surprised. (We do still think that this gift bag twist is dumb, mostly because this was all luck and had nothing to do with actual skill.)

The Bill Cosby – Donald Trump discussion

We’ve said for many years that Omarosa tends to do things that aren’t a good look for her, but trying to throw Bill Cosby into a conversation with Keshia Knight Pulliam certainly qualifies as one of them. Comparing her history with the leader of the country to Pulliam’s with a former sitcom star is definitely apples and oranges, as Keshia put it. For starters, Pulliam was a child when The Cosby Show was on the air, and that was well before many accusations of sexual assault were in the media. When Omarosa was working for Trump, clearly many claims and accusations were already out there and she was aware of them.

We do think that Omarosa was in the wrong for going there, mostly because of she seemed to be deflecting her responsibility. Yet, her conversation with Ross later in the episode was a little more interesting since she got vulnerable — at least supposedly. Whether or not she really meant it is an interesting talking point.

CarterMatt Verdict

We know that some traditional Big Brother fans probably hated that a good eight or ten minutes tonight were spent with Omarosa talking about politics — personally, we found it rather fascinating, especially the part where she started to suggest that we’re all doomed. (Are we getting a little masochistic here? Probably.)

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