Will The Librarians be renewed for season 5? Future of TNT drama

Librarians season 4 finale ratingsWill The Librarians be renewed for season 5 in the wake of the finale tonight? We know that, at least from our vantage point, the demand for more is very much here.

For the time being, unfortunately, TNT is not really tipping its cap too much one way or another. In terms of the ratings, the future of The Librarians are very much a toss-up. This is a show with at least okay ratings by network standards — it’s not completely crushing it insofar as its numbers go, but who out there really expected that? This is a quirky adventure series that doesn’t get a whole lot of promotion, and we feel like there are some cynical viewers out there who will simply see the name The Librarians and simply decide that they don’t want to watch a show about a library. (Seriously, we know that some of these people are out there.)

The future of this show is going to depend heavily on just whatever TNT wants to do — this sounds very obviously, but it’s really not with this network. TNT is a rather tough network to read these days. They renew shows with questionable ratings, while also canceling shows that draw some of the best numbers on the network. This all comes down to one thing: Ideology. The folks behind TNT have been in the midst of a sea change over the past two years, trying to reinvent the network into something that they want. That means canceling many crime procedurals while opting more for serialized far.

What makes The Librarians a little bit of a different situation than most other shows is that it’s not the typical TNT show from the old regime; yet, it’s also not a part of the new world order. It’s lingering somewhere in between and we’d like to get at least one more season on the air. If nothing else, we think it would be a nice stroke of goodwill. With some shows, networks should consider reputation more — if their reputation starts to become “we cancel shows on a regular basis,” it makes people more fearful to be invested in the future.

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