The Flash season 4 episode 13 review: Is Barry free from prison?

Flash season 4While The Flash season 4 episode 13 had a fair share of funny moments, there were some elements of it that genuinely surprised us. For example, it was interesting to see that some of the meta-humans captured — and potentially sold to Amunet Black — weren’t quite the monsters that the series may have established them as in the past.

Want to get a good example of this? Then you really don’t have to look any further than Hazard. This was a character who nearly took down all of the city a little bit earlier this season, but Barry realized during this episode that he needed her and many of the other meta-humans who were around in order to figure out how to ensure he made it out of the prison okay. There was more to these people and they didn’t all necessarily want to be bad.

Before just these characters, there was also another person who was essential in ensuring Barry’s safety: Dibny. He learned how to temporarily stretch himself to pretend to be other people, and he used that in order to try to get information as the warden.

Well, we come bearing some bad news: The plan by Dibny and the other members of the team didn’t quite work, mostly because of the fact that DeVoe ended up getting in the way the moment things got array. He’s had a plan for a long time, one apparently that not even Marlize knows everything about.

The craziest moment of the entire episode came when Clifford determined that he no longer needed his old body, but certainly wanted some more powers. Remember when Hazard Becky was Barry’s friend earlier in this episode? Well, The Thinker now has her body and more powers to go along with them.

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Here’s the crazy twist

Barry refused to leave prison without having a chance to be legally do so, and it seemed as though he was doomed. Yet, it was Dibny of all people who saved the day! He somehow figured out a way to enter court disguised as Clifford to convince the judge that the was actually still alive.

In the aftermath of this, what better thing for Team Flash to do other than celebrate? They had a lot of fun with this, but in the aftermath of what transpired they started to realize that The Thinker was after bus meta-humans. With that, Dibny was in danger of having his powers and his body stolen eventually.

After everything that happened, there was definitely tension between DeVoe (in Becky’s body) and also Marlize. Yet, The Thinker now seems to be taking to brainwash her. That’s our ending for now — and what a crazy season this is turning out to be.

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