The Fosters season 5 episode 14 review: What Brandon doesn’t know

Fosters season 5 episode 14

We know that there are many important moments that took place across The Fosters season 5 episode 14, but for us the one that we are probably going to remember the most revolves around Brandon. He knows that he loves Grace, but what he probably is not aware of, at least at the moment, how much more she trusts him with her future over almost anyone else.

We would argue that the biggest shocker of the entire episode Tuesday night was Grace making the decision that she wants Brandon to be the one to care for her in the event that important decisions need to be made pertaining to her life. This came in the midst of many arguments between her father and mother while she was doing her best to get treatment. This was a brave move for her and also a brave move for the show itself — think about all of the responsibility that Brandon has been forced to deal with over the years, in between Julliard, having to be a mentor to many of his siblings, and everything that went down with Cortney.

Yet, here he may have to choose as to whether or not his girlfriend is revived in the event that things go terribly wrong. Our heart ultimately goes out to him. We haven’t even mentioned his struggles to care for Stef, who is still hiding what she is going through medically from Lena and many others.

So is the rest of The Fosters establishing stories at this point in season 5 that are equally interesting? Both yes and no. We will say that we are very much compelled by what Callie and Aaron are going through given that they’re both struggling to figure out what they want from their lives in the midst of extraordinary circumstances. Callie is fighting for DACA recipients like Ximena to escape deportation, and she ended up using an ICE agent (one from last week who was really unhappy about how that situation unfolded) in order to get intel on another sweep that they were planning to make.

Unfortunately, in the aftermath of that we saw Aaron get arrested and she had to figure out a way in which to properly help him. She recruited Stef, but in the end it was her finding the ICE agent and convincing him to corroborate Aaron’s story that caused him to be released. That was critical given that transgender men and women can be targeted and treated terribly in prison.

Let your scars be seen

If there is one moment within this episode of The Fosters that perfectly illustrates just what the entirety of this series is about, this is it. Aaron deciding to expose his scars into the world and basically come out as transgender was incredibly brave, but a moment he was prepared for thanks to the support of those close to him. It is people like the Adams Foster family who allow for this to be possible and it’s a moment of tremendous growth. If only there was a way for society at large to show the sort of progress that The Fosters have; the world will be a much better place.

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CarterMatt Verdict

We love everything that we mentioned above; we’re not nearly as sold on the Jude – Declan storyline just because it doesn’t really have the essence of what we feel the gaming community is like. It’s a little bit edgier and while we know wishlists are a thing, they haven’t really been doing it long enough to build a following.

What we’re the most curious about seeing moving forward is whether or Lena is going to learn about what’s going on with Stef … and also what she does when she does.

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