Scorpion season 4 episode 16 review: Valentine’s Day drama

Scorpion season 4 episode 16 had an intense case that featured fire, explosions, dangers, and of course Los Angeles in danger.

Beyond that, though, there was also a lot of romance mixed in — this was the Valentine’s Day episode, and everything we saw over the hour was themed in part around that. For Walter, he did everything that he could in order to make sure that Paige had the best Valentine’s Day ever — he bought her constant gifts and poured attention on her. The biggest problem was that he was doing it due to convention rather than passion — and that was something that he had to figure out. Also, Paige was sick and there were some concerns over that. We thought that she may be pregnant, and we carried that theory well into this episode. (Turns out, our theory seems to be wrong — at least maybe. It’s possible that she’s pregnant and just doesn’t know it yet.)

When it comes to Happy and Toby, meanwhile, there were larger concerns — Happy’s inability to get pregnant. Throughout the episode we wondered what the reason could be for it, but then Toby learned that the issue seemed to be him … and his seed. Luckily, Quintis had some friends in the right place — Team Scorpion was there to help and what they did was hand over a nice chunk of change — including Cabe’s bail money and a gift meant for Allie — to help pay for their fertility treatments. This was a nice reminder that they continue to look out for each other.

Looking out for other people is still something that Ralph needs to learn — he made the wrong move poorly tutoring a fellow student in order to try and get a Sadie Hawkins date. This didn’t put Ralph in a great light for most of the episode but it was realistic. He’s young. With that, young people often do make mistakes.

Romance in the works

Tonight’s episode definitely brought us some of the first signs that there could be something between Florence and Sylvester down the road. We’re definitely not at the moment where it’s a thing right now, but if Ralph is even picking up on some of the signals that Florence may be into him, it’s a sign that something is brewing here for the future.

CarterMatt Verdict

This episode of Scorpion was fun and full of its signature warm fuzzies. The team helped out Happy and Toby, Walter eventually learned the meaning of Valentine’s Day (genuine gifts matter more than prototypical ones), and we got a signal that Sylvester may find love again. All of this does help us to look past a case that wasn’t altogether interesting; we get a few of those with this show a season.

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