Super Bowl commercials: Tide borrows Old Spice Man Isaiah Mustafa

Super Bowl LII start timeIs this clearly one of the most interesting Super Bowl commercial? It’s certainly one that we didn’t see coming with Isaiah Mustafa at the center of it.

What we saw here can be described as such: The former Old Spice Man is now selling Tide, and he did it with a commercial that was almost IDENTICAL to the one that he did for Old Spice in the past. There were the same speech patterns and also him on a horse at the end of it. We don’t exactly know how Tide decided on this, but it definitely was funny — and also inventive. They got your attention almost immediately and the Tide reveal was one we didn’t see coming.

We will say this: We do love Isaiah Mustafah. He’s great in this role, even if we love him on Shadowhunters and some other work now. The biggest reason that this actually worked was because we hadn’t seen him in this role in a while. As of late we’ve see Terry Crews become more of the Old Spice pitchman.

What we would ultimately consider this is Tide being able to come up with a fun, creative way to twist their narrative a little bit. Remember here that as of late, the company has been a little bit more known for that infamous Tide Pod challenge, which was pretty stupid and we have to hope that it’s over now. Even though this tells you absolutely nothing as to whether or not Tide is a good product, it gets you talking. That’s the intention.

Grade: A. One of our favorites of the entire game. It was SO random and that appeals exactly to what our sense of humor is. We like commercials that catch you off-guard, and bonus points to Tide for not releasing this one in advance.

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