TV Lifespans: How much longer could NCIS: Los Angeles stay on the air?

TV LifespansIs NCIS: Los Angeles season 10 going to be the final season of the series, or could there be so much more beyond it? This seems like a worthy topic for today as we dive into the latest edition of our month-long TV Lifespans series.

We suppose that in starting things off, we should note that technically, there is no official word that an NCIS: Los Angeles season 10 is actually taking place. It just feels as though it is a sure thing at the moment. We know that this is one of TV’s most-popular series and it has very loyal fans who have seen it through thick and thin. That’s especially true for some of the Deeks – Kensi ‘shippers who are out there and eagerly awaiting some sort of news on this couple’s future. Think about how patient that they’ve been so far! We do think that producers need to pay off that story eventually by marrying the two characters off, but nobody really seems to be in all that big of a hurry. That may be one of the signs that producers are anticipating a season 10.

Beyond this season, who knows what will be coming up next? We imagine that a pair of the show’s future could depend heavily on the actors in question. LL Cool J seems to be constantly doing like seven or eight different things, we’ve seen some of the other cast members take on some other gigs, and there were absolutely some questions floating around about the future of Linda Hunt given how much / how little we’ve seen of the Hetty Lange character as of late. The CBS series has absolutely given us a perfectly good reason to question her future.

If the ratings do continue at the trajectory in which they are now, though, it’s our opinion that the show is probably golden until at least a season 11 or season 12. The biggest reason why the ratings are down so far this season has mostly to do with the still-baffling decision by CBS to shift NCIS: Los Angeles to 9:00 p.m. Eastern so that a new series could air beforehand. Wisdom of the Crowd tanked, which meant that this show didn’t get a whole lot of support. We’ve seen over time now that NCIS: Los Angeles works well after the NFL / 60 Minutes airings, so we don’t know why the network doesn’t go back to that in the fall.

If the cast is still enjoying the show and the ratings stay what we are, don’t fret too much at least over the short-term future of NCIS: Los Angeles. There is some significant story still left in the tank.

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What do you think: Will we get an NCIS: Los Angeles season 10, and how much more are we going to see of the series beyond that? Be sure to share some of your thoughts right now on that subject in the comments! Meanwhile, you can also like CarterMatt on Facebook in the event you want some other insight regarding the series right now. (Photo: CBS.)

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