Where is Samantha Cage on MacGyver, and did Mac make right decision?

Where is Samantha Cage

Where is Samantha Cage on MacGyver? This was a subject that was addressed a little bit earlier this season, but for those of you needing a refresher, here you go!

After being shot by Murdoc in the midseason finale, Isabel Lucas’ character has since been off in Australia recovering with her sister. A return date is not set for the character to date, but given how she continues to be addressed we remain hopeful that she will be turning back up at some point.

One of the larger questions we wonder within this article at present is simply this: Did Mac make a questionably decision in sharing with Murdoc that the character was still alive? Until he told her, Murdoc didn’t seem to know; with that, he now have information and information is a form of power.

If we were the Phoenix Foundation crew, our fear would be that Murdoc or someone close to him would track the character down and cause all sorts of trouble. He already found her and (almost) killed her once, so isn’t it fair to think that he could do so once again? While we understand the desire to recover alongside people who are close to you, but at the same time we’re not sure if there is anywhere safer that you can be other than alongside the Phoenix Foundation. Just don’t go out in the field. They have to have some sort of secure facility to help her, right?

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Our hope, for the time being, is that Cage turns back up closer to the end of the season. She could be a perfect fit into the end of the season, though we do think it’d be a really fun twist if we were to figure out at some point that she was actually an evil traitor who’d been working against the team the entire time. We’re not ruling anything out with this character or this show, given its knack for delivering many different twists already.

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