Chicago Fire season 6 episode 11 review: Casey and Severide take a leap

Chicago Fire season 6 premiereWhen it comes to great Chicago Fire cliffhangers, few are anywhere near as dramatic as watching Casey and Severide jump off of the side of a building into the water below.

Somehow, someway, the Chicago Fire writers continue to come up with fun, innovative ways for the majority of the main characters to somehow almost die. The proof is in the pudding here — and by “pudding,” we really just mean the water since that is where Casey and Severide now are. It’s certainly one of the most exciting cliffhangers that we’ve seen just by virtue of the fire that build up to it alongside the two firefighters thinking of the only thing that they could that would both save a lot of people and have a chance for the two of them to survive, as well. They held the valve long enough for some people to escape, and then found a way to get to safety themselves before the top of the building exploded.

Along the way up there, we also had a nice Severide / Casey friendship moment: Kelly learned that it was Casey who issued a commendation for him over what he did to stop a prisoner at the scene of an accident early on in the episode. He was convinced that it was Chief Grissom who was the responsible party and, in turn, was incredibly reluctant to accept it. We certainly hope that now he’s a little bit more lenient to go along with it than he was. It’s okay for Severide to acknowledge he is a good firefighter, but he’s yet again in the midst of one of his frequent existential crises. One of his issues — or at least we think, maybe we’re just reading it this way — is that he is starting to develop feelings for Stella gain with the two of them living together. Unfortunately, she is now developing feelings for Zach and is contemplating moving out of his place. We don’t actually think that he wants that.

Rest assured — Casey and Kidd’s relationship conundrum was far from the only one in this episode.

Stella’s spa date

Originally, Dawson and had this booked for herself and for Casey, but when Gabby couldn’t make it she then handed it over to Brett — she tried to invite Stella, but when that didn’t happen Cruz invited himself. It wasn’t until after the fact he started to realize that the part of him that wanted to be with her again was the part of him that wanted to do it. You could see that Brett was nervous about the idea at the spa, but then, hilariously, it turned out that her partner was Mouch! Cruz made up an excuse and opted to give the spa time over to someone else.

Other odds and ends

Probably the funniest storyline of this episode was seeing Trudy Platt bond with Herrmann’s daughter after she spent some time in the firehouse. It created a funny little ending for Herrmann, while also giving Platt an opportunity that she doesn’t get much of the time over on Chicago PD — to laugh.

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CarterMatt Verdict

It was a little bit of a surprise that we didn’t hear much about Bria in this episode or a few other storylines — remember Molly’s North? Nonetheless, we’re not going to deny that this episode of Chicago Fire was endlessly entertaining and a great way to cap off this arc. We certainly don’t think that either Casey or Severide are leaving, but we understand the fear.

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