Absentia episode 9 review: Down the hatch

Absentia episode 9

If you were looking for an episode of Absentia that was as much of a nail-biter as anything that we’ve seen on TV this year, it was absolutely episode 9. This installment is the one the really paves the way for the big finale — it was dark, it was intense, and by the closing minutes you may have been desperate in your hopes to have answers.

One thing that does feel clear is this: Everyone is getting close to the truth, even though said truth has been very much hard to come by. Emily somehow managed to evade the police yet again, and following that had an opportunity to follow a trail of information that would eventually lead her to the cabin — yep, the cabin. She’s out in the middle of the woods now, at the place in which seemingly she should be able to find answers.

Given, though, that there is some super-elaborate chamber that includes the infamous tank, we’re not exactly shocked that it was all located in what seems to be the show’s equivalent of the hatch from LOST. Down there could be the truth, which is certainly valuable given that we don’t have one important answer: Who is the person actually behind all of this? There is a new theory starting to form when it comes to Emily, and it is this: She is the one who started the killings and Conrad Harlow was the accomplice all along.

There was a point in this episode where we did actually think that Alice and Flynn were going to be able to escape their prison without actually getting in trouble. Alice had found the tank and managed to break her Flynn out; yet, she was tranquilized by the mystery figure operating the entire operation. Now, she’s back at square one and more reliant on Emily than ever before — and then also Nick.

Emily’s phone call

After getting shot by his former wife at the end of episode 8, it would make sense if Nick wasn’t altogether interested in lending a helping hand. Nonetheless, he seemed agreeable to what Emily told him when she called at the end of the episode — he needed to come to the cabin, and more than that, he needed to come alone. The only way to save Alice and Flynn was for Nick to come alone.

CarterMatt Verdict

Absentia is certainly addictive, no? After binge-watching so many of these episodes we can’t imagine the pain that some viewers internationally went through watching one episode a week! The final fifteen minutes of this episode is probably one of the most gripping sequences that we’ve seen since the first season of True Detective — it looks and feels different than anything else on TV and that makes Absentia all the more attractive. If you loved thrillers mixed with mystery, how can you not love this?

You can always tell a great episode of TV by the moments without dialogue — there were many of these in this episode, but we were so invested in the series and these characters that every moment, every second mattered and was worth our utmost attention.

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